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Customer Reviews

“Barnhoorn Automotive is the BEST! They have done work for me, my family, and friends for years. Great work. Honest and knowledgable. Marcel and Hans have taken care of all our BMW's, and Mercedes (old and new).”

Lisa M

“Gday ! I purchased a car off Marcel [ pont firebird ] in 1992 he was brilliant and the car was too ! If Marcel reads this , hello & thanks mate your car is still living in Australia .”

Marty A

“They are the best of the best !!!! Nice to have a mechanic you can trust...”

Jim T

“If you are tired of taking your car to the dealer for an oil change and end up paying $400 for all the stuff they think you need done...then try Barnhoorn. These folk's are truly top notch. The vehicles they work on are pretty cool. Lots of restorations and stuff, classic euro cars (from what I see). I almost feel unworthy to drop my Scion Xb or old 82 Mercedes off for oil changes or brake pad changes. But when I do, i never get overcharged or have work recommended that does not need to be done. My wife went a couple weeks ago and the only recommendation was new brake pads and down the road (pardon the pun) new front tires. They let us know how long we could go on the current pads and tires and the cost installed of the new ones. After shopping around, these guys are the best. Been going here 2 yrs now and love this little place!”

Peter B

“After repeatedly getting fleeced at the Land Rover dealership, not to mention they are pretty rude and have poor communication, I tried Barnhoorn. I was living in Laguna at the time and they advertised working on Rovers. I was so impressed with their service and prices, I have been loyal since. I love how it's always the same guys, they keep an eye on work that needs to be done and give me honest estimates of how long I can push it until I need to have something fixed. They even recommended I trade in my Land Rover when the steering column came loose rather than fixing it, even though they would have made money if I had done the repair. They knew with my mileage, I would keep having expensive repairs and they gave me honest advice. I have a Volvo now and I no longer live in Laguna, but still bring it here for service. They are that good.”

Kelly C

“I had a really great experience with this company. Passing through Laguna Beach on a vacation I needed to take my car in to get it looked at because I have been having some transmission problems. They took it out for a test drive and got back to me with a diagnosis. After telling me how much it would cost to fix they didn't pressure me to get it fixed. On the contrary, they recommended that I had enough time to finish my vacation and then get it fixed back home. Additionally, when I brought it in I told them that based on my last car checkup at my home dealership they would likely have to replace the brakes. Not only did they tell me that the brakes were still good and didn't need replacing, they measured the amount of brakes left to be more than my home dealership did six months ago! They could have easily said "yup, your brakes need replacing" and took my money, but they didn't. These guys are HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. I would highly recommend them!”


“Really a great bunch of guys. Willing to work with you on nearly anything. Saved my Mustang from a broken spark plug. Electrode fell into the cylinder. In just 24 hours, the car was perfect. $325 was so much better than a $3600 engine rebuild... Thanks Guys ! You have my business !”


“These guys are the best!! Honest and thoughtful. Unusual in a mechanic! I've taken my car to them and had them tell me I don't need what I thought I did. Marcelle and Franz always take the best care of my volvos. On time and on budget! They keep me mobile!”

Jean M